Your business deserves more than just a cookie cutter ATM program.

BaumTech believes each ATM placement should be customized to match your decor and marketing goals.



To increase visibility and branding, BaumTech offers ATM Wraps that are customized to meet the advertising needs of a business. Wraps cover all exposed panels with promotional graphics and text. Available for new and pre-existing ATMs.


For those high-end establishments, BaumTech offers custom built cabinets to dress up your ATM. Allow our experts to match your stain or we can even send it unstained for your experts. Each order is custom built specifically for you and the possibilities are endless.

Digital Topper


Capitalize on the captive market that is your clients receiving their cash at your ATM. Our Digital ATM Toppers offer a solution which enables your business to effectively reach customers with dynamic content. Retail companies can sell advertising or promote in-house specials to gain an additional revenue stream. Banks & Financial institutions can promote interest rates, new products, and locations.


BaumTech has developed a line of ATM enclosures that enable ATM’s to go where never before. Built with both security and aesthetics in mind, this solution works perfectly for outdoor malls and entertainment areas.

Outdoor Enclosures